Have You Reached the Third Job Stage?

Career expert Judith Bardwick in her book The Plateauing Trap: How to Avoid It In Your Career and Your Life (1987) refers to three stages in a typical middle-class job. With each job the worker advances through in their career they will experience these stages until plateauing, remaining in stage three indefinitely.

  1. Socialization: In this stage people learn the parameters of work, what they need to do and whom they have to know.
  2. Innovation: In this stage there is a gain in confidence and the individual ultimately feels free of anxiety and uncertainty. Here one is most likely to reach true achievement. This stage takes place between the sixth month and the third year.
  3. Adaptation: After being in a job between three to five years the work ultimately becomes routine. The worker may become indifferent toward the work and in time begin to feel powerless.
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