Branding May Save Job Seekers Over $100,000

Job Security is an Antique

Job security is an antique relegated to the annals of history like the typewriter, carburetor and the 40 hour work week. Employers from Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial firms are doing more with fewer employees working more hours. In today’s global economy accounting, computer programming, customer service and even some medical jobs are going to India, China, Ireland, Mexico and who knows where else. In the last two decades there have been more mergers and acquisitions, many with foreign companies, than in the United States for the previous 200 years. Typically the management and executive employees of these acquired companies are out the door seeking another job.

We Are All Entrepreneurs

Bottom line: the typical management and professional job lasts 2.5 to 5 years. This means that most “Knowledge Workers” are entrepreneurs who must sell their talent, skills and experience again and again and again. So job security does not come from any single job, no matter how much it pays, how secure the company may appear or how much you may love the job. Real job security for knowledge workers must come from their developing a high profile for excellence in an industry and function. This is why “Branding” is critical for long term career and financial success in today’s extremely competitive global economy.

The Bottom Line

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that the average job seeker was out of work for 29.1 weeks, as of December 2009. Here is what this cost in lost income:

  • If a knowledge worker earns $75,000, then every unemployed week he loses $1,442.
  • If that knowledge worker earns $125,000 annually, he loses $2,403 every week he is out of work.
  • Project this to 29.1 weeks and the unemployed knowledge worker loses anywhere from $43,000 to $70,000.
  • If the position were a top level senior job, the lost income could go well over $100,000.

Because the typical “Knowledge Worker” will go through job transitions every few years there is a significant probability of multiple and painful income losses. These loses can easily compound to $100,000 or more in a decade or two. “Personal Career Branding” can reduce job losses and dramatically reduce the time between jobs.

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“Leaving the Rut Behind”

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